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No matter what one's situation is, art as therapy offers a ray of hope for change.


Many have experienced Kim's gentle guidance as she helps people to begin to want to live life with joy again. And they are doing this one brushstroke at a time.


Everyone is doing their best to paint a new and beautiful future for themselves. 



Simply by allowing your Inner Artist to take the lead, being in Kim's Reflective Art sessions can help people find solutions to the following: 


    • lift depression

    • learn how to cope with disability and illness

    • release negative emotions and disorders

    • cope with domestic violence and abuse

    • take control of addictions

    • assist in family and relationship harmony

    • cope with grief, trauma and loss

    • strengthen self-worth

    • achieve general well being

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Get in Touch

Kim Staples offers Art As Therapy Workshops for individuals, NDIS agencies and community groups.

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