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Art takes you on a journey into the core of your being.

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About Kim Staples

Kim Staples, Artist and Art Therapist delights in finding freedom and expression through visual arts.

Her colourful works are infused with a sense of imagination and graceful movement.  

Every line, brushstroke, colour and hue are a reflection of her soul and her desire to connect with the viewer to invoke an emotion and tell a story.


Born in Paddington, Australia, Kim Staples lives in the beautiful mid north coast, Port Macquarie.


As an award winning Australian artist, Kim Staples draws her inspiration from the colours and beauty of her natural surroundings. Her work is influenced by her life experiences, inner emotions and intuition, taking this mindset into all the mediums she explores including water based mixed media and sculpting. Kim Staples' art explodes with colours. When you see Kim, you know she is an art of life!

You may wish to commission Kim Staples for some artwork for your collection, home, office or building. As an experienced interior decorator in England, Kim will be able to advise on colour and design to suit the ambience and your needs, making your place a welcoming experience.

Comissioned Works

An avid lover of nature, animals, birds and life itself, Kim's vibrant wildlife art works move between earth, sea and sky. Each piece reveals the animal's individuality, majesty and liberation and captures Kim's own fun loving sense of compassion, spiritual connection and deep joyous gratitude.

With an air of wanderlust, splashes of colour and hints of form, foreign people and places are at the heart of her art pieces. Representing travel, emotion, intuition and imagination, this body of work explores inner and outer travel. A pervading sense of the imaginary, grace, movement and colour run through these works, 

This attitude to life and relationship with the natural world runs all through Kim's artworks and therapeutic services. In all she does is infused a joyous sense of liberty and expression and peace.

Kim's work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in galleries and included in public art projects. She has been featured in numerous creative arts publications. Kim also loves to bring her work to places where people gather, bringing her uplifting works to many community spaces such as cafes and wineries around the Mid North Coast where she can share her celebration of people, nature and life. 

Art Classes and Art Therapy

Kim's mission is to provide a safe, open and warm environment to support people to achieve, improve and develop healthy emotions through the arts. 

Kim is passionate about helping people with special needs. Through her art, she has experienced how it has helped people cope with emotional, mental, physical issues as well as developmental needs and disorders.

She currently teaches one-one-one sessions for art classes and art therapy. 

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