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Kim Staples is an expression of the art of life

Kim is painting a life of colour, passion and joy!

If you are looking for a place to heal through the arts, Art of Life is where you need to be. Kim Staples is an Australian artist and art therapist who is bringing colour, passion and joy into the lives of all who come into contact with her.

You´ll often find Kim in her studio with her paint-splattered blue apron, sitting amongst her tubes of paints, brushes, palettes and canvases. This is her happy place where she explores her love of culture, nature, colour, texture and the unknown.

Kim believes in sharing this joy with everyone and part of her time is spent teaching art and doing art therapy in one-on-one sessions. A simple canvas and paints can open up a limitless world for people to enter where they can safely express and feel.

¨I love doing it. I wouldn't give it up for the world.¨ - Kim Staples

It is no wonder that Kim has her trademark warm smile and bubbly laughter. She truly loves what she does and she is inviting people into her circle of joy to share her art. People recognise her authenticity when they see her work, because for Kim, it's important that she captures genuine motions on the canvas. As Kim says, "It's me on that canvas.."

Brilliant Online | Art of Life

Watch Kim's interview on Brilliant-Online here.



Art takes you on a journey into the core of your being.

Kim Staples Art of Life | Kim Staples Art

As an award-winning Australian artist, Kim Staples is devoted to finding freedom and unbridled expression through visual arts. Kim draws her inspiration from the colours and beauty of her natural surroundings, where her wildlife and abstract originals are all about escape, exploring freedom and finding inner peace from the ability to be expressive. 

Kim does commissioned works for collections, home, office or buildings. Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in galleries and included in public art projects. She has been featured in numerous creative arts publications and contributed to many community spaces around the Mid North Coast.

Kim also provides one-on-one sessions for art classes and art therapy.


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