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Touching hearts and empowering lives through art therapy

Award-winning Australian Artist Kim Staples has been sharing her joy for the art by providing an art therapy space for many to find their light at the end of the tunnel.

Kim provides a safe, open and warm environment to support people to achieve, improve and develop healthy emotions through the arts. She does art therapy with youths, adults, Alzheimer's sufferers, people with disabilities, special needs and other challenging conditions in the community. Kim's special needs students are under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and they have assistance to access community social and recreational activities on individual weekdays.

Having experienced how art has helped people cope with emotional, mental, physical issues as well as developmental needs and disorders, it is no wonder that Kim is so passionate about sharing her art.

Listen to Kim's thoughts on art therapy

There is no fear of judgement when guided by Kim's kind and gentle hand. She helps people to feel safe enough to experiment and open up, to create harmony in their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. Kim's artistic space is where many have finally learnt to feel at home, calm and safe being with themselves.

Enzo at Kim's art therapy session | Kim Staples | Art of Life
Enzo at Kim's art therapy session

Benefits of Kim's art therapy

By allowing one's Inner Artist to be in the driving seat, Kim's art therapy sessions have helped people to:

🎨 lift depression

🎨 learn how to cope with disability and illness

🎨 release negative emotions and disorders

🎨 cope with domestic violence and abuse

🎨 take control of addictions

🎨 assist in family and relationship harmony

🎨 cope with grief, trauma and loss

🎨 strengthen self-worth

🎨 achieve general well-being

No matter how one's situation is, art therapy offers hope for change. Many have experienced Kim's gentle guidance as she helps people to move forward, and begin to want to live life with joy again. This is where everyone is doing their best to paint a new and beautiful future for themselves.

Brilliant Online | Art of Life

Find out more about how Kim creates safe spaces for people to explore their Inner Artist on Brilliant-Online here.



Art takes you on a journey into the core of your being.

Kim Staples Art of Life | Kim Staples Art

As an award-winning Australian artist, Kim Staples is devoted to finding freedom and unbridled expression through visual arts. Kim draws her inspiration from the colours and beauty of her natural surroundings, where her wildlife and abstract originals are all about escape, exploring freedom and finding inner peace from the ability to be expressive. 

Kim does commissioned works for collections, home, office or buildings. Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in galleries and included in public art projects. She has been featured in numerous creative arts publications and contributed to many community spaces around the Mid North Coast.

Kim also provides one-on-one sessions for art classes and art therapy.


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